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27 June 2008 @ 12:18 pm
Let’s kill a child … for Jesus!  
In our most recent S&R poll, readers were asked the following: Two children of a family belonging to the Followers of Christ Church have now died after "faith-healing" was chosen over medical treatment. What do you believe authorities should do?

The results looked like this:
  • Pursue appropriate criminal sanctions. Religion is no defense for child endangerment. (75%, 101 Votes)

  • Nothing. These kinds of cases fall under the absolute right to freedom of religion. (25%, 33 Votes)
The story referenced is here, and links to previous coverage of this sect can be found here.

I find the results of the poll (unscientific though it may be) fascinating. Specifically, I'm interested in the thinking of the 25% who believe that letting a child die of a curable condition is ... well, okay. It's okay because their understanding of the Constitution is that the worst form of child neglect and endangerment imaginable is acceptable so long as it's executed in the name of a god. (More...)
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