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11 July 2008 @ 12:17 pm
Ramseys cleared; Denver Post releases the truthers  
In a long-overdue move, Boulder prosecutors have officially cleared the family of JonBenet Ramsey in the girl's December 26, 1996 murder. I say "long-overdue" because for those of us who've paid attention to the evidence it's been clear for years now - painfully, maddeningly clear - that the family was innocent.

I emphasize "evidence" in that sentence for a reason. There are facts in this case, and pretty much without exception those who are convinced of the family's guilt are people who are relying not on evidence, but on media reports that run the gamut from "inaccurate" to "creative writing." Not all of these people - and I may well be talking about you, I know - are morons. Many are, to be sure, but many more are reasonably intelligent folks who've been victimized by the worst case of journalistic malpractice in our nation's recent history. In a number of ways the "press" failed more miserably with the Ramsey case than it did even with its addled accessory-before-the-fact act in the run-up to the Iraq War. (More...)
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